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Who we are

rutec Licht GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturer in the market segments of downlights and LED strips in Germany. rutec was founded on 1 September 1990 by Manfred Rullhusen, Birthe Eikmeier and Holger Rullhusen and is until now a family business.

As sole agent of KANDOlite Halogen lamps in Germany rutec took advantage of the booming halogen light market in the early 1990 years. In the mid-90s, rutec expanded the programme by adding down lights - today one of its core product line in the professional market. 

In today’s booming LED market we offer a specialized and innovative program of LED downlights and LED strips including profiles and controlling systems. LED strips became the second core assortment.

Our engaged team of employees and representatives across Germany provide our customers with quick and competent service. Daily shipping with DHL and a sufficient stock of goods in our warehouses in Syke enable us to ship our products very quickly.

Quality, an affordable price and a clear sales concept with stable prices in a three-tiered chain of distribution is our philosophy and secret of success.


Founded on 1 September 1990 as family business by Manfred Rullhusen, Birthe Eikmeier and Holger Rullhusen rutec established its business in at a rented location in Weyhe, not far from Bremen.

As early as 1992, rutec relocated to its own office and warehouse site in Syke, approx. 25 km south of Bremen. As a result of the expansion of the programmethe facilities already had to be expanded in 1996, doubling the company’s area. In 2005 the warehouse had to be expanded by an further third, thus completely occupying the area of the property.

The construction of an additional warehouse building from the ground up began in 2006, taking place 100 metres away on Boschstrasse. The opening took place in 2007.

In the year 2011 rutec build another warehouse in Boschstraße with approx. 800m². This puts us at approx. 1,500m² of warehouse space. Since then our colleagues moved to the new warehouse for packing the daily goods. In the year 2015 we built another warehouse with 1300m². Total space now is approx. 2800m².

Our number of employees has risen from 2 in 1990 to 30 in 2015 with an annual turnover of approximately 15 Million € in 2014. Since the year 2008 we employ trainees. At moment (2015) we have two trainees.

History of legal forms:

  • Impex International GmbH
  • rutec M.Rullhusen / 01. September 1990
  • rutec Licht GmbH & Co. KG / 01. January 2003
  • rutec Einkauf GmbH / 01. January 2013
  • rutec LIGHTDESIGN GmbH / 07. January 2015

history of legal forms

rutec M. Rullhusen

Founded on 01.09.1990

established by Manfred Rullhusen

rutec Licht GmbH & Co. KG

Founded on 01.01.2003

established by Manfred Rullhusen, Holger Rullhusen & Birthe Eikmeier

rutec Einkauf GmbH

Founded on 01.01.2013

established by Birthe Eikmeier & Holger Rullhusen


Founded on 07.01.2015

established by Holger Rullhusen & Birthe Eikmeier

rutec Projekt GmbH

Founded on 01.05.2020

established by Birthe Eikmeier & Holger Rullhusen